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When you step out for the evening you want to look your best right? Sometimes you want to draw a lot of attention, sometimes you want just the right attention, and sometimes it’s just want to look good regardless what anyone else thinks.

How do you pick the right dress for the occasion? Here are four tips that will help you to find and pick the right dress for your next outing.

1. Know the occasion. The first thing that you have to consider is the occasion. Is it a cocktail party, a boat party, a formal, an informal? This is the first step in helping you to narrow down the type of dress that you are looking for right from the beginning.

2. What type of attention or impression do you want to make? There are so many times when a woman wears a little black dress and gives an impression that she didn’t want to give. On the flip side of that coin many times women show up with a dress that is to conservative and they again don’t get the kind of attention that they had hoped for. So, know your style and what you like, and match that with a dress that will help you get the kind of attention that you want.

3. Picking the color. This is an often overlooked part of picking the right dress. The color of a dress says so much about you and your character or personality. Picture a beautiful woman in a yellow dress. Now picture that same woman in a red dress. Now picture that same woman in a little black strapless dress. Did you see what happened there? There was a different mood that was set immediately when you just changed the color. A brightly colored yellow dress is going to give off an image of being happy and fun. The red dress is going to give you a sex appeal, but will also grab the attention of everyone in the room because you can’t ignore red. The black dress is going to be sexy, yet sleek and quiet, or it could be Gothic depending on the style of the dress.

4. What are your strong points? This is a very important factor. If you have a really nice back, but aren’t happy with your bum, then you should try to find a dress that compliments your best features. This will make you feel very strong and confident when you go out.

Picking the right dress for the occasion is easy when you know the occasion, understand the attention that you want to attract, pick the right color, and highlight your strong points while diminishing the aspects of your body that don’t give you the highest confidence.

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